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Suchandra Institute

Kontaktperson: Peter Lukes

8541 Garanas | Steiermark | Steiermark

+43 676 525 9927


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Wo treffen wir uns?

Buddhistisches Retreatzentrum Kalachakra Kalapa Center
Garanas 41
8541 Garanas/St.Anna


Wann und wie oft treffen wir uns?

The Suchandra Institute was named after the first Dharma King of Shambhala who was responsible for introducing the Kalachakra teachings into the sublime realm of Shambhala and then making those teachings available to the diverse cultures abiding there. Following in Suchandra’s footsteps, this institute will focus on the transmission of the Kalachakra teachings, making them available to countless people throughout the world in their own native languages and in a way that suits their unique karmic conditions.

We do this through the cultivation of a vibrant international community that spans across Europe. We focus on providing practical and balanced approaches so that everyone can learn how to manifest their innate peace and from that achieve lasting harmony within their surrounding communities.


Herkunft und wichtige Lehrerinnen und Lehrer:

Khentrul Rinpoché Jamphel Lodrö is a dynamic teacher of Tibetan Buddhism whose bold and penetrating wisdom cuts through confusion to shine a light on our most essential nature. Emphasising a clear and direct approach to both study and practice, Rinpoché embodies the compassionate warrior ethic that has driven him to dedicate his life to propagating the profound teachings he has been so fortunate to receive.


Entwicklung unserer Gruppe in Österreich:

Etablished in 2020 in Austria


Tätigkeiten und Praxisangebote:

Retreats, Online Teachings


Weitere Standorte:

Dzokden Wien


facebook: Buddhismus in Österreich